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Over 30 years of Item tracking and Recall experience with Canada Post, Canada Post International Ltd, and many Postal Administrations around the world. 

In-depth experience with Tracking, Reporting and Recall solutions in the Food Services industry.


Today's Postal and Food Distribution industry  has many challenges from the private couriers ,safety and security issues and changing customer demands.

Efficient operations with the "right" technology and the"right" product offerings will determine if your company can survive and prosper.

 GPCI's wealth of experience in tracking assests and  deliveries, domestically and internationally, can lead your company on the road to sustainable success.

Many progressive companies are looking to new and innovative ways to meet various challenges, GPCI can lead you through these changes. 

Contact us to discuss:

-  your immediate needs, 

-  to evaluate your present business processes and, 

-  to look to the future for strategic plans to improve.

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