Business Process Evaluation


Business Process Evaluation is one of the key tools in ensuring that a process is "Lean" which means that the process is as efficient as it can possibly be. 




Processes in the postal industry are varied and include:

- collection and induction of mail

- sorting and consolidating mail 

- preparing and delivering mail

There are numerous indivdual work steps within each process,so the                  important point is to determine the value of each step in the efficiency of the overall process. Lean processes only have work steps that add value to the process!  


Operators and Process Excellence teams must Learn to See processes as they actually are in your operation, not how you think they are or how they are documented to be. 

GPCI’s Lean and Business Process Evaluation training and mentoring programs can help your organization develop these skills and result in significant production cycle time and cost savings. 

Lean Process Excellence can be summarized in five principles: 

1 – Determine and specify the Customer value by specific product 

2 – Map and identify the value stream for each product 

3 – Make value flow without interruptions 

4 – Let the customer dictate the value 

5 – Always strive for perfection 


Process and Layout Design 


Once GPCI has evaluated the product process for efficiency and value, the nest step is to create a design that meets the above criteria of a Lean operation. 


The process is implemented and through a process of Continuous Improvement, the Post audits the process and continues to make changes, using Lean Concepts learned. 












Effective Process Design can take you from this:
















To this!


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