With the ever growing concern of the quality and safety of the food from the field to the consumer, GPCI presents the Food Tracing Solution™ (FTS™) to provide automated tracing and support to the food traceability process. 

FTS™ can be customized to provide valued tracking and tracing services to all sectors of the food supply chain. FTS™ is scaleable to fit all sizes and types of operations. 

GPCI recently participated in an extensive review into the present state of the Food Supply Chain traceability in Ontario, Canada. The information gathered, and the operational processes reviewed, contributed to the development and focus of FTS™. 

GPCI has leveraged its experience in the Goods Distribution industry , with their application, The Tracing Solution™, and now offers a unique product to food processing sectors with a desire to meet and exceed the standards detailed in the Canadian government’s suggested Can-Trace regulations.  

 Key features of the Food Traceabilty version of The Tracing Solution include:


- Customizable WIP Stations

- Easy to use 

- Abilty to perofrm recalls

- Can-Trace compliant

- Can be used in different food processing  industries

* Fruits & Vegetables

* Meat & Poultry

* Grains & Cereals




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