Lean Process Excellence

Improve your processes by becoming LEAN!

What does “Lean” really mean?? 

Lean means taking all the waste out of a process and leaving only those activities that add Value to an operation. 

What is Waste? 

Any activity that does not add “Value”! 

Value” is something that is determined by your external or internal customers. The key question of “value” is: is this process something the customer is willing to pay for? 

Typical Types of Waste are: 

 Typical Waste Type
 Examples or Results of Waste
 Building inventories of mail
 Missorting or Misdirection of Mail
 Unnecessary Inventory
 Need for extra space and/or equipment
 Excessive Transportation
 Extra Equipment , extra space
 Unproductive time
 Unnecessary motion
 Unproductive time , extra equipment
 Inappropriate Use of staff
 Salary dollars

GPC can lead your staff through a training program and assist in the creation of your own Lean Process Excellence team that can direct continuous process improvement in your organization. 

Lean concepts apply to any department in your organization.

GPC can help you Save time, Money and Improve your service!

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