Postal Reform

Reform of postal organizations is required for many different reasons. Often market and competitive pressures or organizational change can dictate the level of reform, however, more often than not, public postal services reform due to political pressure or for legislative reasons. 


The Postal industry is, in most cases, a government owned and government run operation. Often, in these changing economic times and in these times of global postal deregulation, there is a need to reform the regulations that govern the business of posts which can allow them to pursue alternate business opportunities, or to simply protect the existing turf from outside international and domestic pressures. 

Universal Postal Obligation

Posts for the most part are required to be providers of a public service to all citizens and businesses in the country. Therefore, to protect the viability of the Post and to enable them to survive, regulations are in place to provide them a level of protection in certain markets. Often, these regulations are years old, and there is now a need to refresh these rules. This regulatory review process and redrafting process generally requires: 

-   Review of existing regulatory laws governing the posts and their impact on future 
    strategy and/or government direction.
-   Review of the external pressures that are driving the changes.
-   Review of the product/services mandate changes.
-   Redrafting the rules and leading them through the local approval processes. 

GPCI staff have been involved in developing and implementing reform or transformation projects with a number of postal administrations around the world. The Change Management and legal issues resulting from a Postal reform project can often be large and complex, therefore an experienced lead can help all posts benefit from past challenges. 

Our postal management expertise can lead effective modernization and business strategy change initiatives by working locally with postal management and legal teams to draft and implement a change mandate to support the goals of all stakeholders. 

GPCI representatives have been engaged in a number of these regulatory and transformation projects around the world and can offer a unique service to these posts.

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