New Product Development

Like any business, the Post must “move with the times”!

The expanded use of the internet and email has impact the Postal industry, but not always in a negative way. While many are now using the net to pay bills and correspond, increasing consumers and businesses are using the net to order goods. These physical goods still need a means of delivery to customers. 

Therefore the need for delivery of goods with varied features like the following are increasing:
     - tracking 
     - delivery notification 
     - proof of delivery
     - service commitment 

In addition, many posts are taking advantage of their wide network of offices to provide new and innovative services to consumers and businesses. 

GPCI will analysis your customer requirements and work with you to create and price product offerings that meet and exceed customer desires. 

Products must meet the individual requirements of your customers, multi-featured product lines will attract customers that may have gone to private delivery firms to come to the post. 

GPCI staff has worked with a number of postal organizations in defining and developing product offerings, and designing the operational processes for the handling and delivery of these products.  


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